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2016.12.19: CTV News - Asbestos-related deaths may continue to rise long after 2018 ban
Despite the federal government’s decision to ban products containing asbestos by 2018, some medical experts predict the number of Canadians who die because of past exposure will continue to rise. Every day, about five Canadians are diagnosed with cancers linked to asbestos. It can take anywhere from 20 to 40 years for exposure to asbestos to develop into the disease, which is often aggressive and, in many cases, fatal.

2015.07.02: CTV News - Asbestos update: How Health Canada's advice has changed
Health Canada has updated the online information it provides to Canadians about the risks of asbestos, conceding that exposure to the substance in any form is dangerous. The website now says that any amount of asbestos inhalation can lead to "cancer and other diseases."

2014.06.16: Global News: Former Newfoundland asbestos mine workers fight government
Mon, Jun 16: It’s been 20 years since the mine in Baie Verte, N.L. stopped producing asbestos. But those who worked in the mine and breathed toxic dust say authorities are ignoring science and are denying them compensation. Ross Lord reports.

2014.06.12: Globe and Mail - The Invisible Epidemic
Asbestos is the top on-the-job killer in Canada. But a Globe and Mail investigation has found that this stark fact has been obscured by the country’s longstanding economic interest in the onetime “miracle mineral.” 

2014-03-24: Under The Influence CBC - Selling Danger
Even when those products were used exactly as advertised - they created enormous hazards, physical risk, and in some cases, even death. We'll explore how we invited Asbestos and DDT into our homes as miracle products, how certain games for children ended up posing incredible risks, and how a much-heralded drug ended up being one of the most devastating products in modern history.

2014.03.01: TVNZ News - Asbestos in KiwiRail locomotives 'a death sentence'
The rail workers' union says asbestos found in the cab of a KiwiRail locomotive could be "a death sentence" for drivers and engineers. KiwiRail's new Chinese-built locomotives are again off the tracks, this time after the discovery of toxic asbestos under flaking paint in one of the cabs.

2014.02.24: WDSU News - Poor conditions at school lead some to call for removal of students
RSD rep says state investigators who visited the site last fall made no mention of mold in their report.  Even so authorities moved up plans to renovate the entire facility two years, closing the school this summer."We are making good on our promise to provide a state of the art facility for our students. At the same time we must make academic progress at a faster clip than we are today. Speeding up this renovation will help speed up the day when students can benefit from a world-class education at the facility," said Dobard.

2013.12.10: Basse Normandie - Asbestos: the Supreme Court invalidates the cancellation of nine indictments
Une vingtaine de parties civiles, dont l'association des victimes de l'amiante, contestaient la décision de la chambre de l'instruction de la cour d'appel de Paris, qui a annulé le 17 mai neuf des mises en examen prononcées dans l'enquête sur sur l'exposition à l'amiante des salariés de l'usine Ferodo-Valeo, à Condé-sur-Noireau (Calvados).

2013.11.26: ABC - Asbestos scare strikes Chinese imports to Australia
Railway workers have been exposed to potentially hazardous asbestos after the deadly dust was found in locomotives brought in from China. It's a breach of a 10-year ban on the import of products containing the carcinogenic fibre.  
It's not the first incident of its kind and unions are now demanding tougher policing of Chinese imports, describing the current asbestos-free certificates as a farce.

2013.07.31: Shaw TV - GO! Island Walk for Truth - Asbestos Kills, Powell River

2013.03.26: CBC News - Asbestos in at least 180 Quebec health care sites
Documents obtained by Radio-Canada through access to information requests reveal 180 health care sites in the province contain asbestos, and there could be more. The buildings known to contain the carcinogenic fibre, which was once used as a fire-retardant, include various hospitals, clinics, and long-term care homes.

2013.01.24: EPP Group TV - European Parliament backs asbestos crackdown
A European Parliament committee approved a report calling for a crackdown on asbestos remaining in buildings, and to raise awareness of the effort.

2013.01.01: Caritaps - Canary in the Mine 
The documentary highlights the devastating health effects chrysotile asbestos has on unsuspecting victims and on those who loved and cared for them. It also illustrates the unwillingness of asbestos producers and our government to acknowledge scientific facts which clearly point to the deadly carcinogenic character of chrysotile asbestos.

2012.11.18: Geschiedenis 24 - Asbest: sluipmoordenaar in Goor
"In the historical series Andere Tijden (Different Times), Dutch television broadcast an episode entirely dedicated to asbestos, entitled 'Asbest: sluipmoordenaar in Goor (Asbestos: assassin in Goor). Goor is the Dutch town where Eternit was located, a company that produced asbestos cement on the basis of asbestos imported from Canada."

2012.11.08: CBC Radio - Asbestos
All about asbestos, the substance that was once one of Canada's major resources until it was found to be dangerous to the people who pulled it out of the earth and processed it. 

2012.09.17: CBC Radio, As It Happens - Asbestos In India
Asbestos In India. Now that Canada is getting out of asbestos business, we hear from an outspoken advocate for banning asbestos in India.

2012.09.04: CBC News - Asbestos's legacy
Hundreds of former residents of a B.C. asbestos-mining town may have a time bomb ticking in their lungs – and because no one is tracking their health as a group, many of them might not be aware of the potential danger they face, CBC News has learned.

2012.07.23: CBC News - Asbestos opposition growing in Thailand, warns advocate
An anti-asbestos advocate warns that one of the countries that consumes the most asbestos in the world is seeing a growing resistance to the use of the mineral and that it could mean big problems for the Jeffrey Mine.

2012.07.19: ABC - Calls for Canada to ban asbestos exports to India
Given Australia's experience with asbestos, the Gillard Government is being urged to step in and tell Canada not to export its asbestos to India.

2012.06.29: CBC News - Quebec loans $58M to asbestos industry
The Jeffrey Mine in Quebec's Eastern Townships has received a $58-million boost from the province to help revive the asbestos industry, a move the Canadian Cancer Society is urging the government to reconsider

2012.06.15: Essential Public Radio - Asbestos and the End of Schenley High
Then, in the 1940s, asbestos was linked with the cancer mesothelioma. But it was not until the 1970s, when the newly created Environmental Protection Agency looked into the effects of the mineral, that it began to be regulated. New guidelines forced schools to monitor, manage, and abate asbestos to make sure students were safe.

2012.06.06: - New Public Service Announcement from Canadian Lung Asssocitaion
Don't mess with Asbestos Public Service Announcement hosted by Canada most trusted contractor - Mike Holmes!  Get the facts about asbestos before you start your next home renovation project. You could save your lungs. 

2012.04.10: Independent Australia - How Canada Exports Death and Disease to the Developing World
Asbestos use is now banned in over 50 other countries, including 12 European Union nations. The trade in white asbestos (chrysotile), largely to the developing world, continues largely due to the efforts of a single highly industrialised nation — Canada.

2012.03.20: CBC New - Asbestos brake pad ban proposed
Asbestos brake pads that can release deadly fibres during repairs will soon be banned in Ontario, if one member of the provincial parliament has her way.

2012.02.29: CTV News - Asbestos sector challenges WHO death-toll estimate
The Canadian asbestos sector wants Ottawa's help to challenge a death-toll estimate from the World Health Organization that says asbestos-related diseases kill more than 100,000 people every year.

2012.02.28: CBC The National - Asbestos registry needed, says cancer patient
Willems began lobbying for a registry in his home province, which he hopes will eventually spread across the country, shortly after being diagnosed.

2012.02.17: Global News - New calls for feds to stop supporting asbestos industry
There are new calls for Ottawa to stop supporting the asbestos industry. Mike Le Couteur reports.

2012.02.14: CBC Radio - McGill asbestos controversy
Opponents to asbestos say McGill research is being used  to dispel legitimate concerns about asbestos around the world. Last week the university announced it would be reviewing that research/ But some think that review will not go far enough. We spoke to Dr. Fernand Turcotte, Professor Emeritus of Public Health and Preventative Medicine with the Universite de Laval's faculty of medicine. 

2012.02.14: CBC New - Pat Martin condemns asbestos backers to face justice in hell
House of Commons statement denounces Harper government-backed 'Asbestos Institute'

12.02.09: Radio Canada - Les Combines de l'industrie de l'amiante pour cacher les risques

12.02.06: CBC News - Asbestos Reaction
Asbestos opponents are disappointed to learn McGill University was being paid to manipulate critical statistics about the dangers of asbestos.

2012.02.02: CBC The National - Fatal Deception
Is the federal government relying on junk science to justify its support for re-opening asbestos mines in Quebec?

2012.01.20: Aljazeera - India: Toxic Trade, Is India investing in a future health crisis by importing asbestos from Canada?
More than 50 countries have banned asbestos products but India cannot get enough. It imports the mineral from Canada, risking a future health crisis. Inhaling asbestos fibres can lead to a slow and painful death. But in India, asbestos illness is under-diagnosed and mostly unrecognised.

2012.01.21: CBC News - Asbestos opponent targets Montreal merchant, volunteer
Until last week Chadha served on the governing body of the Canadian Red Cross — but resigned after Cattran's letter-writing campaign lobbied the humanitarian organization.

12.01.13: CTV News - Call for Red Cross President to Resign over Asbestos Ties
Interview with Stacy Cattran about Roshi Chadha, Canadian Red Cross Board member, Asbestos Exporter

11.12.14: CBC - Asbestos and the Red Cross
Families of people who have died from mesothelioma are calling for the wife of a man who works in asbestos exports to step down from the board of the Red Cross. Board member Roshi Chadha is married to Baljit Chadha, president of Balcorp, the company at the centre of a deal to re-launch the Jeffrey asbestos mine.

11.12.03: ABC - Canadian asbestos trade
The Rotterdam Convention this year once again tried to list chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous chemical but the Canadian delegation once again refused to endorse it. It would give no reasoning for why except to repeat the Harper government’s line that if the substance is used safely it offers no health risks, in direct opposition to the World Health Organisation as well as many medical fraternities. The question though remains if it can be used safely, then why isn’t it used in Canada anymore, instead what is mined in Quebec has been exported to developing countries, particularly India?

11.11.25: Edmonton Journal - Child pleads with Harper to drop support for asbestos industry
Little Cavanagh Matmor has a message for Prime Minister Stephen Harper: The sixth-grader didn't appreciate Harper's "cut-and-paste re-ply" to her emotional letter pleading with him to end the government's support for the asbestos industry.

11.11.25: YouTube - Crying girl asks for end of asbestos after grandparents die
An 11-year-old girl voices the truth of the human suffering caused by asbestos. Here is her plea to Prime Minister Harper. PM Harper thumbs his nose at Canada’s medical authorities, who have asked him to stop the export of asbestos. Will he listen to asbestos victims, such as this young girl?

11.11.24: CBC - Asbestos mining stops for first time in 130 years
A shutdown at Quebec's Lac d'amiante du Canada operation earlier this month marked a historic moment for Canada's once-mighty asbestos sector, which has come under increasing scrutiny as science has linked the mineral to serious health issues such as lung disease and cancer.

11.11.24: Global News - 'Asbestos orphan' calls for outright ban
A woman who lost her parents to painful asbestos-related illnesses took her mother's dying wish to Parliament Hill on Thursday.

11.11.08: ABC - Toxic Trade
And unlike many developed countries where asbestos products have been banned, India can't get enough of what's called poor man's roofing. Alarmingly it's a first world nation that's supplying the stuff. Canada won't use asbestos itself but it is selling it by the shipload to India. Business is so brisk Canada is breathing new life into its asbestos mining industry to bolster its exports.

2011.09.27: CBC Radio The Current - Misconceptions of Asbestos Campaign
The clock is ticking on a business plan that would see Quebec hand over $58-million dollars in loan guarantees if a particular consortium can guarantee investors. There's one catch ... the product is Asbestos

2011.09.20: Rick Mercer Report - Rick's Rant - Asbestos

2011.09.19: Operation Maple - Fighting The Deadly Dust
See the moving video of how a Nova Scotia woman and her young son, whose father/grandpa died from mesothelioma earlier this year, are fighting to stop Canada’s export of asbestos and to stop the cycle of unnecessary deaths and suffering which asbestos causes wherever it is used.

2011.08.21: CBC Sunday Morning
Michaela Kaiserlingk is a 72-year-old widow whose life changed forever when her husband got sick with mesothelioma, a terminal cancer caused by asbestos exposure. His death turned her into a fervent activist, and she now spends her retirement trying to convince Ottawa to ban the export of asbestos overseas. She argues that if the mineral is too dangerous to use in Canada, we shouldn't be exporting it to developing countries such as India.

2011.08.18: CBC Halifax - Cathy Conrad shares her story on CBC radio.

2011.08.18: CBC Radio 1 - 
Sarnia Asbestos
A widow from Quebec is taking on the federal government over the dangers of exporting asbestos. Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley is coming to her defence. He also talks about the impact of asbestos on his community. Listen  7:23

2011.08.17: CBC The Current - The Voice

2011.08.16: News 95.7 - Maritime Morning with Jordi Morgan

2011.08.15: CBC As It Happens - Canada is the only G8 country that continues to export asbestos. But don't blame Canada's Conservative government.
Ever since Michaela Keyserlingk's husband died of an asbestos-related disease in 2009, she has been an outspoken critic of Canada's continued export of the mineral. Just this past June, Canada prevented asbestos from being added to a UN list of hazardous materials.

2011.08.15: CBC Day Break Montreal - Wife of cancer victim speaks out against reopening of Jeffrey Mine in Quebec
Today is the deadline the Quebec government had set for concluding the investment in Jeffrey Mine in the town of Asbestos. Michaela Keyserlingk is an Ottawa woman whose husband Robert died in 2009 of mesothelioma - the lung cancer that is often associated with inhaling asbestos dust and fibre . She has been running an online banner since this spring that reads, "Canada is the only western country that still exports deadly asbestos!", using the Conservative symbol.

2011.08.14: Deutschlandfunk - Kanadas gefährliches Exportgeschäft
Rund 2,2 Millionen Tonnen Asbest werden pro Jahr weltweit produziert. Nach Russland, Kasachstan, China und Brasilien ist Kanada der fünftgrößte Produzent. Doch der Abbau und der Umgang mit Asbest ist gefährlich: Es besteht hohes Krebsrisiko.                                          English Version

2011.05.13: CBC - Daily Show mocks Asbestos, Que.
Daily Show comedian Aasif Mandvi asks the president of Jeffrey Mine whether the word 'asbestos' means something different in French. (Comedy Network)
Asbestos, Que., is taking another beating on the international stage, this time from American news satire program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

2010.06.30: CBC TV - Don't revive asbestos mine: cancer society. Quebec government considering investment in dying Jeffrey mine
Canadian Tax Payers fork out $58 million subsidy to increase Canadian exports of asbestos to the developing world. 

2011.06.27: CBC Radio - Asbestos in the Family
The federal government's on-going refusal to allow asbestos to be added to a United Nations treaty which lists hazardous materials has sparked criticism abroad and at home. We have a documentary about a family which has been devastated by the effects of asbestos. And we talk to a doctor who treats people with a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

2011.06.20: CBC Radio - Asbestos in Developing Countries
Today, representatives from 143 countries meet in Geneva to debate whether chrysotile asbestos, the kind mined mainly in Canada, should be added to an international treaty regulating the trade in hazardous chemicals. 

2011.05.12: Daily Show - Aasif Mandvi Visits Asbestos, Quebec
Despite all the anti-asbestos propaganda, this town outside Montreal promotes the relatively safe mineral. These are kind of issues we look to the likes of Ruth Ellen Brosseau to solve in Quebec.

2011.06.18: Vancouver Sun - 
Vancouver comedian finds no humour in Canada's asbestos mining practices
Cochrane, 28, recently joined forces with Sean Devlin, Cam Reed and other Vancouverites to launch a national campaign calling on the government to support a United Nations recommendation to add chrysotile asbestos, also known as white asbestos, as a hazardous substance under the Rotterdam Convention at a four-day conference that starts Monday in Geneva, Switzerland.

2010.07.21: BBC TV - Abestos Canada and Russia
BBC documentary about Asbestos industries in Canada and Russia.

2010.07.20: BBC Radio - Dangers in the Dust : Inside the Global Asbestos Trade
As part of the season of programmes Dangers in the Dust: inside the Global Asbestos Trade, Steve Bradshaw meets scientists on both sides of the debate. (26min.)

2010.04.09: CBC TV - Mining Town Severely Contaminated
2:25 Min

2010.02.12: Radio Canada - Charest accus de travestir la vrit (Radio/TV)
Aux yeux d'une dizaine de scientifiques canadiens, cette position tmoigne d'un grave manquement d'thique. Dans une lettre adresse Jean Charest, ils l'accusent de tenir des propos errons sur les dangers potentiels que pose ce minerai pour les travailleurs et prcisent que l'OMS demande plutt de mettre fin l'utilisation de l'amiante.

2009.06.10: CBC's The National  Video: Canada’s Ugly Asbestos Secret
Mellissa Fung reports on how Canada's overseas sales of asbestos may be breathing new life into a dying industry - but also making exposed workers sick. Gripping scenes of Indian workers handling Canadian asbestos without any safety equipment.

2009.05.28: United Steelworkers - Asbestos The Silent Killer: Hard-Hitting 
USW Local 480 Video Examines Human Costs of Industrial Diseases and Calls for Reinstatement of Disability Pensions