Thank You

This page is celebrating the hundreds and hundreds of dedicated Canadians who have helped to bring the cause of banning Canada’s asbestos exports to the attention of our government, their members of Parliament and to our fellow citizens.

My first thanks go to my children, who cheered me on and helped me. We also gratefully remember the steady and invaluable help of my husband and best friend who kept a hold on life against all medical statistics. May his luck be highly contagious to others who also suffer from asbestos caused mesothelioma cancer so that they and their family too can enjoy every extra day they are given.

We asked our best friends to write letters to our government objecting to the Canadian export of asbestos to developing nations. They not only took the time to do so, but encouraged their friends and neighbors to do the same until it became a wave of twitter, face book and You Tube messages. Thanks to all the ones we know and to the endless many we never met.

One very special thanks has to go to those women, who have lost husbands, fathers, mothers and friends to asbestos cancer, who took up the anti-asbestos battle despite their own all-encompassing pain.
Thanks as well to other active Canadians who can be found in government opposition parties, labor unions and the many groups of academic research scientists who staff the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Medical Association, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the World Health Organization, to just mention a few, all agree that chrysotile asbestos is a dangerous carcinogen.