What Can You Do?

What Can You Do?
Below is a list of items which are still sadly outstanding. 
  • The Canadian government has spent millions to remove chrysotile asbestos from our Parliament buildings and has started to do the same for the Prime Minister’s residence and other federally owned buildings.  If chrysotile asbestos is not good for a politician’s health it is not acceptable for the rest of us Canadians.
  • The Liberal government has to establish, in co-operation with the provinces, a registry listing all public buildings (e.g. our aging schools) which contain asbestos, as they did for federal buildings. How else can we protect our firemen, renovators and construction workers?
  • Federal and provincial governments have to stop spreading the myth that chrysotile asbestos is not dangerous as long as it is not disturbed. With age bonds become fragile and break even those which bind chrysotile asbestos to other materials such as cement, flooring or ceiling tiles. Those freed asbestos fibers are causing asbestosis and mesothelioma deaths in Canada and continue to threaten the lives of workers in offices and public buildings. Our teachers have started to become asbestos victims, do we want to wait and see what will happen to our children and grandchildren?
  • Zonolite, containing a high percentage of asbestos has to be removed from all native housing built by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. The native death rate of mesothelioma is shockingly high.
  • Canadians have a right to asbestos free work places and federal and provincial governments have the responsibility to ensure it.

We would be grateful if you would become aware and active regarding the deadly carcinogenic asbestos dangers in our lives, this too has to stop. 
Write to your own Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister pm@pm.gc.ca or to your Members (MPPs) - Legislative Assembly. If you are worried about your aging neighbourhood schools, contact the principal and/or your School Board.