What Can You Do?

On May 11, 2007 my husband Bob was diagnosed with an asbestos-based cancer called mesothelioma, which he contacted 40 years ago while serving as a naval cadet on Canadian asbestos-ridden ships. He died December 8, 2009. This tragedy has prodded me to take action. We must save others from this harm and suffering.

With the help of many, much has been achieved: Quebec finally closed down their asbestos mining industry and the federal government  can no longer promote the sale of asbestos to unsuspecting victims in the developing world (see chart below).

All major industrialized nations have stopped mining, exporting and using asbestos, Asbestos causes mesothelioma and asbestosis. Both diseases develop slowly over decades after initial exposure but are 100% fatal. 

Here is what still has to be done:
  • Our government spends millions to remove  asbestos from Parliament buildings and has started to do the same for their federal owned buildings. 
  • They are not doing the same for Aboriginal housing which they built on reserves, were the death rate of mesothelioma is high.
  • Our government, who has promoted the use of asbestos for many years, owes Canadians substantial help to remove this highly carcinogenic material from their schools and public buildings. 
  • We need a national registry of all buildings containing asbestos. How else can we protect our firermen, renovators and construction workers?
  • The majority of Canada’s schools are old, their infrastrucutes are crumbeling and so does the asbestos used in ceiling, floor tiles and as insulation around heat and water pipes. Our teachers are becoming asbestos victims, do we have to wait and see what will happen to our children and grandchildren?
  • Canadians have a right to asbestos free work places and federal and provincial governments have the responsibility to ensure it.

I would be grateful if you would became aware and active regarding the deadly carcinogenic asbestos dangers in our lives, this has to stop. The death toll Canadian mined asbestos has caused and is causing in Canada, Europe and the developing world is staggering. Our government is unwilling to acknowledge this and is blind to the fact that asbestos has became our number one occupational killer. 
Write to your own  Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister pm@pm.gc.ca or to your Members (MPPs) - Legislative Assembly. If you are worried about your aging neighbourhood schools, contact the principal and/or your School Board.