Canada stopped mining asbestos in 2012, but Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal Government has not yet banned the use of asbestos.

Science irrefutably has declared chrysotile asbestos a carcinogen, its use is strictly prohibited in 50 countries.  Liberal leaders including Prime Minister Trudeau promised to ban the import, use and export of asbestos in Canada as soon as they would be able to form the next government. To pass this legislation the Liberal Party has the support from both the NDP and the Green Party. Canadian asbestos victims are impatiently waiting for the promised ban.

Asbestos is Canada’s number one occupational killer and still Canada imported in 2015 $ 8.3 million asbestos related products.

This website collects examples of leading national and international articles calling on our government to finally ban all import and use of asbestos. The best of those articles will be published monthly on this page.

2016.10.12: Hamilton Spectator - The Spectator’s View: Canada’s shameful record on asbestos
As has been noted here before, the Trudeau government has carved itself out an ambitious agenda. Its progress to date is mixed. But the government's slowness on others is a mystery, which easily leads to suspicion and cynicism in the absence of believable justification. Take, for example, the commitment made by Justin Trudeau during the election campaign to ban asbestos.

2016.10-12: Glove and Mail - What happened to Justin Trudeau’s promise to ban asbestos? 
Sometimes public-policy choices involve weighing contradictory evidence and competing objectives. Careful consideration is needed to make the right decision.
This is not one of those times. The government is staring at an empty net goal with its promised asbestos ban. It should stop skating and just shoot already.
A year after the Liberals were elected with a promise to ban the use of asbestos in Canada, no such move has been made – inaction that is dismaying to health experts, labour groups and families affected by asbestos-related diseases.

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An unprotected Indian woman sorts chrysotile asbestos