Canada was the only G8 country mining, exporting and selling asbestos until 2012
This website collects examples of leading national and international scientific and popular opinions calling on the Canadian government to finally ban all import and use of chrysotile asbestos.
In every stage of its life cycle, asbestos promiscuously sheds tiny dust fibers. Once inhaled, the fibers become tangled in lung tissues, where they wreak a cancerous havoc - typically lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma, the latter a rare, painful and terminal cancer of the linings of chest or stomach walls. 
The World Health Organization estimates that asbestos kills at least 107,000 people a year - about half of all occupational cancer deaths worldwide. In Canada asbestos related diseases have became the number one occupational cause of death.

Canada has had a long guilty history of mining and exporting chrysotile asbestos, first to Europe were it found multiple uses not only as a building and insulation material but was  also widely used in industrial weaving of  carpets and  upholstery fabrics. For health reasons, the market in Europe slowly dried up in the 1970s. Canada then established a lucrative second market in developing countries which flourished with the same deadly consequences until 2012.  In early Summer 2015 Health Canada’s website 
suddenly states “Asbestos, if inhaled, can cause cancer and other diseases.”  Finally a slight acknowledgement of the asbestos danger by our government, but still far from a national ban. 

            See Canada's export stats concerning developing countries.

An unprotected Indian woman sorts chrysotile asbestos