Canada’s shameful record on asbestos mining and export will finally come to its closure at the end of 2018.

On October 18th, 2018 the liberal government announced that asbestos mining and use will be banned as of January 30th, 2019. Exclusions are the million tons of asbestos tailings located in Quebec which will be mined for magnesium to support the transportation industry. Also some specialized asbestos products such as those used in nuclear power plants will stay available.

The 2018 asbestos ban is the first step to close a highly embarrassing and deadly chapter in Canada’s mining and export history. It started in 1870 and ceased in 2011, despite the fact that its deadly side effects were already well known in the 1960th. The death toll Canadian mined asbestos has caused and is causing in Canada, Europe and the developing world is staggering. Asbestos is still the number one work related killer in Canada and will continue to do so because of its long and slow incubation time.

It required much energy and hard work by many dedicated people to reach Canada’s asbestos ban, but there is still more to do especially in regards to our government who is inclined to forget that asbestos is still with us lurking in our older public buildings and private houses ready to find new unsuspecting victims.

Asbestos is Canada’s number one occupational killer.

This website has collected examples of leading national and international articles detailing the back-story of the call to ban all use of asbestos. 

2019.01.02: Montreal Gazette - Too good to be true? Transforming asbestos mining residue into money
A plan to extract magnesium from the mountains of asbestos-laden mining residues in the Eastern Townships is being hailed as a modern-day miracle, with governments already investing more than $40 million in public funds into one company’s project.

2018.12.28: The Observer - Milestone approaches in battle to ban asbestos
A workplace health activist in Sarnia welcomes Canada’s asbestos ban set to take effect Sunday but says there is more work to do. The federal regulations announced in the fall fulfill a 2016 promise by the government to prohibit the import, sale, and use of asbestos and asbestos-containing products, with some exceptions.

2018.10.18: Globe and Mail - Federal government takes final steps toward asbestos ban
The federal government has laid out the final part of its plans to ban the usage and sale of asbestos in Canada by the end of the year.

2017.01.04: Ottawa Citizen - Learn from asbestos – and do more to protect Canadians
To be clear: the decision comes decades late. Thousands of Canadians have already died from mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. Thousands more will suffer the same fate in the coming years. Asbestos is far and away the leading occupational killer, costing Canada billions of dollars annually.

2016.12.20: The Star - How federal politicians sheltered asbestos industry
Successive federal governments — Liberal and Conservative — provided political shelter to companies mining chrysotile asbestos in Quebec, going so far as to fund the Chrysotile Institute whose purpose was to defend aggressively this particular type of asbestos as distinctly less hazardous than other forms of the magic mineral. (A paper published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2008 called this argument “redolent of the tobacco industry’s playbook on light cigarettes.”)

2016.12.15: CBC News - Full asbestos ban, changed codes and regulations expected by 2018
By 2018, the federal government hopes to ban asbestos in Canada and change rules and regulations about the deadly material, which contaminates tens of thousands homes and buildings across the country and kills thousands every year.

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